10 Best Travel Tripods in India 2020

23 Jun 2020 | Home > Blog

Benro T600EX:

At 1.5 kg, this tripod is lightweight which makes it ideal for outings and trips. This tripod too incorporates a 3-way pan head to turn your camera and alter the angle as per your needs. It is made up of plastic and aluminum which makes it tough and solid. And the three legs at the side of the fast-lock highlight offer your camera more assurance and steadiness. This tripod can be effortlessly carried with you on your voyages and offers astounding security for your camera which certainly makes it the best tripod to buy.

Photron Tripod:

With its fast discharge lever, leg locking highlight, and bubble level, this tripod is simple to alter. Its interesting design offer solidness to the cameras and the non-slip froth grasp secures your camera from slipping. This tripod is lightweight and highlights a 3-way pan head, permitting you more adaptability in your shots.And, you'll effectively alter the arrangement with its bubble level concurring to your photography needs. Since it isn’t on the expensive side it is typically the idealized choice for all the budget and solo travelers out there.

Vanguard CX203AP:

It is simple to utilize and can effortlessly take a stack of 3.5 kg which makes it appropriate for most DSLRs and focal points. Too, the pan’s ergonomic handle makes it simple to form the moves between shots whereas the beat panning framework permits you to set up your camera rapidly.

Everycom Pro Tripod:

Pro Tripod may be an incredible item for individuals who wish to utilize it in office, domestic, traveling, etc. This tripod incorporates a foldable and compact plan which permits you to set it up and pack it rapidly.

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AmazonBasics 50-Inch:

With its collapsible plan and a compact measure, this tripod is exceedingly versatile and simple to set up too. The flexible tallness and the 3-way head permit you to require photos at all points, advertising your flexibility in shooting.

Yunteng Aluminium:

Yunteng Aluminum tripod includes a collapsed stature of 480 mm which makes it effectively convenient and exceedingly compact. And, it can be amplified to the greatest height of 1455 mm which makes it flexible for photography & shooting. With its aluminum development, it is strong but weighs as it was 1.3 kg which makes it simple to transport. Also, it can take up to 4 kg so you'll be able to utilize your zoom focal point and overwhelming DSLRs with awesome ease as well.

AmazonBasics 60-Inch:

Another incredible travel tripod which is perfect for cameras that weigh up to 6.6 pounds and is amazingly simple to set up and ease is AmazonBasics 60-inch tripod. It can effectively expand from 20 to 48 inches and the leg locks make it simple to alter the stature whereas the center post permits you to amplify up to 60 inches. With its built-in level, it is simpler for you to keep your camera leveled and the elastic feet permit you to attain the perfect position.

Simpex 333 Tripod:

Simplex 333 Tripod is reasonable and works well in all sorts of situations. This tripod is little and compact and weighs hardly 1 kg which makes it exceedingly portable. And its collapsed length is 520 mm which makes it simple to carry around and its aluminum construction makes it lightweight however strong.


Compatible with all sorts of cameras, DSLRs, and smartphones, Smiledrive Tripod weighs less than 400 g but is still solid and durable. This could be an ideal travel tripod at such a reasonable cost which is made out of high-grade aluminum but is still lightweight.

Manfrotto Be Free:

One of the foremost costly tripods within the list, Manfrotto Aluminum Travel Tripod is an excellent tripod for proficient travel photographers. This compact tripod can expand up to 56.7 inches from 15.75 inches which makes it easily portable. It can effortlessly bolster a weight of 4 kg so you don’t have to be stress almost your camera and extras.

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