10 Essential Items To Carry To Gym

24 Jun 2020 | Home > Blog


While you sweat it out in the gym, it’s important to keep a track on workout and up your game with time. Features like Calorie count/stopwatch/ selecting workout mode can help you achieve this.

Hair Accessories:

Hair sticking to your sweaty face & body can be a hindrance to your workout. Carry head bands/clips/ bands to fix your hair is the best way to ensure a smooth session and also protect your hair.

Water Bottle:

It’s very important to keep yourself hydrated throughout your session. Take mini water breaks in between to keep you feeling fresh and pumped up! You can also carry other fluids like juice/shake to refuel yourself

Gym Towel:

With so many people using the gym equipment, there are high chances of you coming across people’s sweat on it! A Gym towel comes handy to wipe the things before you use them or simply use it as a cover before you sit on.

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Gym Shoes:

Finding the right shoe for the right activity is the most important thing to do. You need to have shoes designated to the type of workout you take up- for example cross-training, Cardio, Weight lifting. Pack the right shoe for the workout scheduled for the day! Having more than one pair also gives you enough time to dry the shoes out and also avoids foot odors.

Gym Bag:

You need your bag to carry all those gym essentials that you can’t afford to miss! Shoes, accessories, gym towel bottles all have to be accommodated in your gym bag. Moreover, if you intend to take a shower in the gym you will have to include a few more items like towels, body wash, etc.

Hand Sanitizer:

Life isn’t going to be the same again! Especially post Covid-19. It is extremely important to keep yourself safe in the gym considering the number of touchpoints and the chances of you catching a virus/infection. Keep sanitizing yourself throughout the session and stay safe.


For those who are into weight lifting, having a good grip is of utmost importance. Bare hands don’t give you the best grip and cause interruption during your work out. Using hand gloves gives you the desired grip and also reduces the strain on your hands while training.


Working out will make you sweat and body odor can be distracting when you are in the middle of a workout. A strong deodorant helps in getting rid of the odor and also prevents bacteria build-up.

Muscle Rub:

Muscle aches are very common after a rigorous workout session and it’s always good to be prepared with the solution. A soothing muscle rub will help to ease out your pain and prepare you for the next session!

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