10 Of The Best Wine In India That Makes Or Break Your Weekend

24 Jun 2020 | Home > Blog

Sula Rasa:

Price - Rs 1495, Bottle Size - 750ml. This drink stored for approximately 12 months in French Oak barrels and is further matured and sold in bottles. It can be teamed up with cheese, chocolate to enjoy it to the fullest. It’s best if you decant it 30 mins prior to serving and enjoy your chilly drink.

Myra Misfit:

Price - Rs 1500, Bottle Size - 750ml. This brand was launched in 2013 and has three categories-entry levels, premium & super-premium. The red blend misfit was launched in 2016 which is a limited-edition bottle. This is aged about 18 months in French Oak barrels. It has a spicy & fruity taste which has a sweet finish. The interesting fact is it’s India’s first unfiltered wine.

Fratelli Sette

Price - Rs 1600, Bottle Size - 750ml. This is on the higher end is very popular for its taste. This drink is aged in a French oak barrel for 14 months. This drink is made up of the top 1% of the grapes from the vineyards owned by Fratelli.

Grover Zampa La Réserve:

Price - Rs 2150, Bottle Size - 750ml. This is matured for 16 months in new French Oak. It has the aroma of vanilla, blueberries & black currant aroma.

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York Arros:

Price - Rs 800-1500, Bottle Size - 750ml. This lead wine from Maharashtra's York vineyard, delivered by a youthful winemaking group, maybe a constrained generation mix of the winery’s best Shiraz (55%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (45%). The wine is matured 13 months in American and French oak, and another 12 months within the bottle sometime recently discharge.

KRSMA Sangiovese:

Price - Rs 800-1000, Bottle Size - 750ml. KRSMA, A brand that has been progressively within the headlines for all the proper reasons, comes a Sangiovese from the until-now undiscovered vineyards of Hampi. A decent adjust of the natural product (sugar) and corrosiveness driving to a great wrap up. An uncommon mellow-tasting wine with a part of cherries and clove notes.

Charosa Tempranillo Reserve:

Price - Rs 1500, Bottle Size - 750ml. Dull ruby ruddy in color, this wine is filled with wealthy Coconut, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Raspberry smell. A medium-bodied wine which has a fabulous concentration of warm ruddy natural product flavors like Raspberry, Strawberry, and Plum, unmistakably ready and juicy.

Sol de Chile Syrah Merlot:

Price - Rs 1189, Bottle Size - 750ml. The wine incorporates a delectable rose color. It could be a well-balanced wine with raspberry and dark pepper flavors. In arrange to extricate color and smells, the must is in contact at moo temperatures earlier to alcoholic maturation. The must is at that point matured in stainless steel tanks with chosen yeasts at a controlled temperature. The wine is at that point cleared out to macerate extra days in arrange to extricate tannins. Earlier to bottling, the wines are stabilized and sifted carefully to keep judgment.

The Wolftrap Red:

Price - Rs 1992, Bottle Size - 750ml. This mix of two ruddy grapes—Syrah and Mourvedre—with the white grape viognier has notes of zest, smoke, amusement & leather. Dull berry natural product takes after through onto a succulent, dynamic mid-palate with svelte tannins and a sleek surface. The wine appears uncommon to adjust with new, coordinates causticity. Plummy natural product and zest wait on the wrap-up.

Reveilo Reserve Syrah 2005

Price - Rs 1245, Bottle Size - 750ml. Barrel matured in French oak, the color is brilliant ruby reddish with mauve reflections. The fruity notes of raspberry and cherry are overwhelming, with a determined woody character.

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