Best Dog Food Brands In India: Choose The Best For Your Pooches

25 Jun 2020 | Home > Blog

Royal Canin

The Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition highlights different protein sources. Each canine food is planned with a shape, size and surface that is ideal for a specific breed. The Royal Canin Veterinary product offering incorporates many particular plans intended to treat or prevent different conditions. These canine nourishments are accessible from your vet however can likewise be requested online. The Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Adult product offering incorporates 27 dry pooch nourishments. Every formula incorporates its related AAFCO supplement profile when accessible on the item's authentic site page

Taste of the wild

We would definitely suggest this brand as it is one of the most popular grain-free pooch food brands in India. It is available in fish and duck meat assortments and is high in meat rate. The highlight of this brand is the way that it is grain-free and contains extremely top-notch ingredients. Subsequently, it is exceptionally prudent for your canine companion. Likewise, a higher level of meat implies an elevated level of protein and which is generally excellent for your canine's wellbeing. Visit their site and realize what the brand brings to the table and what they guarantee.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition

This might not be as famous as Royal Canin, yet the product quality is unquestionably superior to the latter. They have as of late propelled most recent variations of plans that profess to have incredible taste and it is in any event, getting good reviews from the pooch owners. Hill's remedy diet is additionally famous than numerous different brands out there with respect to the vet diet. Being reasonable, it is much loved among middle-class dog owners in India. They have an incredible assortment of solution diet and a lot of pet owners have additionally revealed that their dogs really preferred the variations.

Arden Grange

This is one more "strongly suggested" brand in India. It is a European brand and has a higher proportion of rice in its composition which is a better option than wheat or corn. This contains the goodness of eggs, fish oil, and so on that gives your dog the much-required nutrition. Dogs tend to like the taste of this product and if the price is not a concern you can purchase this product.

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Overflowing with 75 percent supper in WholePrey proportions, ACANA highlights the benefits of poultry, fish, home laid eggs, and farm raises meats. ACANA offers premium-quality dog food and is a complete diet for your pooch.

Farmina’s N&D

One of the best canine food brands. It has 20% oats and splets consolidate that are better alternatives to corn and rice and are likewise simple to digest. The pooch food items by this organization are wealthy in chicken and have over 60% meat, making it the best. It also has a 35% unrefined protein that is essential for dogs. The best part about the product is that dogs love the taste of it.

Drools Focus

Drool has focused on the meat part rather than the grains. It contains no wheat or soy. This range of Drool has a better measure of meat and egg and a higher protein range making it a superior product. This is a reliable brand and the interesting part is that pooches who did not like the taste of regular drools seem to love this pack.


Orijen is a great dog food brand that has healthy ingredients like salmon, chicken, turkey, eggs & meat. That is the reason this product contains high levels of protein. This helps in providing a nutritious meal to your pooch and helps in its growth.

Eukanuba Pet Food

Grown basically for larger breeds, this brand offers good levels of calcium and phosphorous in their meals to advance the development of bones and joints. It is further perfect for huge varieties matured somewhere in the range of 2 and two years old enough. Likewise, the pooch food from Eukanuba is safe and reasonable. The product is rich in protein as well and is a good buy for the dogs as it has fresh meat as the primary ingredient.

Nestle Purina

This brand offers premium quality wet and dry foods that fulfill your pooch’s nutrition requirements. Apart from this, the food is rich in omega unsaturated fats alongside minerals and nutrients making the pet healthy and stronger.

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