Best Dog Shampoo in India

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Robust Flea & Tick Jojoba Oil Dog Shampoo

Condition, relax and wash down your pet's fur with this 100% natural cleanser. Robust claims the cleanser contains jojoba oil and lemon concentrate to give your pets a smooth and shiny coat. Jojoba oil and lemon together work to guarantee that the coat remains saturated long after the shower.

Choostix Tick & Flea Dog Shampoo

CHOOSTIX is a brand accessible in the market for more than 15 years. Its primary focus is on giving top quality items. The aloe vera is useful in preventing bites, allergy, blisters, wounds. Conditioner adequately thinks about the skin and keeps the coat smooth, delicate and fleecy. The cleanser leaves the coat with a shine and a knot-free coat.

Beaphar Bea Dog Shampoo

Beaphar Shampoo for white coats is an exceptional cleanser for every single white pooch. The cleanser contains aloë vera for hydration and your dog will look well-groomed and his coat will be without tangle and flawlessly glossy. The cleanser is pH-impartial as is reasonable for even the most sensitive skins. Wet the coat with lukewarm water. Back rub the cleanser into the coat until it foams. Leave for 2-3 minutes & wash well.

Himalaya Erina Plus Coat Cleanser with conditioner

This helps in bringing shine to the dog’s coat and also helps in detangling hair. The cleansing property helps to remove soil, dirt etc from your pet’s coat and keeps it healthy. It also prevents dandruff buildup. You can use in routine washing as a conditioner to keep up a solid coat and prevent tangling. Then again it can be utilized in routine washing as a cleanser and to control dandruff in the hair coat.

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Captain Zack - Excuse Me, Fleas Dog Shampoo

Captain Zack Excuse Me Fleas takes out insects, ticks, bug eggs, bug hatchlings, and lice. This is an anti-microbial cleanser with natural concentrates, basic oils and plant-based fixing that will leave your pet with a rich, sparkling and solid coat. The brand has utilized Plant-Based elements like Aloe Vera, Natural Extracts of Vitamin E alongside guaranteed Natural Essential oils of Citronella and Lemon Grass oil that have Anti-bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Antiseptic properties.

Ketoguard Forte Shampoo

This product is great for removing fungal infections and maintaining a healthy coat.

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