Top 10 Best Helmet Brands In India For Riders

25 Jun 2020 | Home > Blog

Vega Helmets

Vega is the most wellhead protector brand in India. Since 1994, it is making stylish and tough head protectors in its assembling plant set up in Ningbo, China for the people of India and abroad. It offers a wide range of helmets suitable for all types of bikes without compromising on the quality, for instance, Modular Helmets, Full Face Helmets, Off-Road Helmets, Open Face Helmets, etc whichever fitting for the buyer.

Studds Helmets

One of the most acclaimed head protector manufacturing brands, Studds. They are popular for the quality they offer. Also, their head defenders are conveyed abroad, and by and large, they are sold across thirty-five countries including the nations from North and South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Studds work under two pioneer brands known with the names of Studds Helmets and SMK Helmets. These are available from Rs 870 onwards.

LS 2 Helmets

Another good quality protective helmet delivering brand in India is LS 2 Helmets. It is exceptionally celebrated for its in the current style and premium kind of helmets. It has been in business for 25 years and they want to offer extraordinary products at decent prices. Their products are priced between INR 4600-10,000

THH Helmets

THH is based out of Taiwan. The brand is there in our nation for a few years now and has started to become popular amongst the masses. Other than India, their head protectors are sold in different nations and territories, for example, the United States of America, a couple of parts of South America, Japan, Europe, just as Australia. THH is notable for its stylish designs with some class quality and toughness. The cost of their head protectors begins from INR 1099 relying on the quality and design of any model.

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SteelBird Helmets

SteelBird is every bike lover’s first pick and is the leading manufacturing brand of helmets. Steelbird offers a wide range of products and it’s 4 major brands are Steelbird, Ares, Steelbird Air & Ignyte.

Wrangler Helmets

Besides fulfilling the customer needs for stylish helmets, Wrangler offers premium top-quality protective helmets at decent prizes. It has a wide range of premium helmets, for example, open visor caps, open face caps and some more. They start from INR 600 and end at INR 5000 relying on the different models and designs.

Royal Enfield Helmets

In case you own a Royal Enfield bike, then a Royal Enfield helmet is an obvious choice for you. These classy and comfortable helmets give an extraordinary look. To give a royal look, they prevalently produce open face tops. As shown by their official site, the worth extent of these Helmets starts from INR 1800.

Shoei Helmets

Shoei Helmets offer premium head protectors. The Japanese motorsport company is known for its unique designs. The helmets are made in Japan & distributed globally.

Aerostar Helmets

Aerostar is a prominent Indian brand with its site located at Bhiwadi Industrial Area, near Delhi Airport. It has gotten well known in the Indian market in a short period of time since it offers decent quality products at low prices. Other than helmets this brand also offers other bike accessories all of which are available at a reasonable cost.

HJC Helmets

If you are looking for stylish yet comfortable helmets then HJC is the brand for you. The helmets start from INR 3,499 if you get it from an online store.

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