Content Writer

Creative writing with solid understanding of SEO

About this role:

We are looking for someone with a flair for creative writing, a solid understanding of SEO writing, strong research skills and a firm hold on communication.


  1. Assist in drafting content for offline and digital advertising communications
  2. Must adhere to the brand language and understand the target audience
  3. You will help the other teams communicate the benefits of our products and services in the best possible way
  4. Will be working closely with the design + Marketing team to bring out the best creative & Content output for successful marketing campaigns
  5. You are responsible for writing the script for our users
  6. Manage & create engaging content for our blog, YouTube channel, website, app and all social media platform

Qualifications & Skills Required:

  1. You are creative and can pen down short-form content in no time
  2. You have a great command of the English language & know your prepositions and articles perfectly
  3. Highly active to keep pace with the deadlines
  4. Bonus points if you're multilingual
Apply now
Apply to this position, send your details/resume/portfolio to [email protected]. Too excited to join us? Cannot wait till we get back to you, give us a call on +91 80 9595 0707!