Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Revofy Privacy Statement

These Privacy Policy (“Policy”) govern your use of our website located at the Revofy mobile applications (collectively, the “Platform”). (“Revofy”, “Company”, “we”, “us” and “our”), refers to the Platform. The terms “you” and “your” refer to the user of the Platform.

These Terms are to be read with the Revofy Terms of Service [] and Revofy IP Policy []. If you do not agree with the privacy policies, please do not use this Platform.

At Revofy, we are extremely proud of our commitment to protect your privacy. We value your trust in us and assure you that we would use the information we collect only to provide a more personalized experience. We will work hard to earn your confidence so that you can enthusiastically use our services and recommend us to friends and family. Please read the following policy to understand how your personal information will be treated as you make full use of our many offerings. This document provides a thorough description of tools that Platform provides to help you interact with other users and Revofy's practices to help you understand Revofy's approaches to privacy. You should carefully read this Privacy Statement (the "Statement"). If you have any questions about this Statement, email [email protected].

This Statement applies to information collected on the Platforms. It does not speak about Revofy's practices for information collected elsewhere or the practices of any third parties, including those who may operate sites on Revofy's behalf and that display Revofy branding.

  1. Unregistered Guests

    The Revofy site is optimized for registered users. By registering, you can obtain benefits such as the opportunity to voice out your Opinions. If you choose not to register, you can still use some portions of the site. In that case, Revofy may obtain your IP addresses and by analyzing what URLs you came from and go to.

  2. Registered Users

    If you register, Revofy stores your preferences and passwords for your convenience, to provide you with a more personalized experience. At present Revofy does not use cookies to store your login sessions.

  3. Your Registration Information

    When you register, Revofy asks you for a number of pieces of information. If you register through a co-branded site, the co-brand partner may be transferring to Revofy some or all of the required registration information or possibly other information about you.

Revofy uses registration information internally for a number of purposes, including:

  1. Email distribution as described in the Agreement, as you request on the site (such as promotional opportunities or newsletters if you check the applicable boxes on the registration page, and as described below in Section 9), and for administrative purposes (such as to notify you about changes to the Agreement or other problems with your account). In accordance with instructions on the site, you may opt not to receive certain emails in the future, and Revofy will use reasonable efforts to honor your request.

  2. Possible special opportunities, such as to become a featured reviewer, get extra exposure on the site.

  3. Display banner (and similar) advertising to you in connection with the site that is more targeted to you specifically. In doing this type of targeting, Revofy or its ad server, and not the advertiser, connect you with the targeting criteria.

If you register through a co-branded site, Revofy may be required to give the co-brand partner some or all of your registration information to them. While Revofy will use such information in accordance with this Statement, it does not always control how the co-brand partners use or disclose such information. However, the co-brand partner is governed by their privacy policies. If you have any concerns about such privacy policies, you should contact the co-brand partner.

You may request to cancel your registration to the Platform or request the removal of your registration information from member records for which permission may or may not be granted. However, Revofy will send you an email to confirm your request. After you respond, Revofy will in most cases, remove your information from its "live" database, but residual information may remain in archives and records. Revofy may not be able to propagate changes to your registration information to its co-brand partners who have received such information. In addition, if your account is being terminated for violations of the Agreement, Revofy may keep some of your registration information active to prevent re-registration.

  1. Your Opinions

    All information you submit as part of an Opinion is automatically displayed on the site (so long as it passes the software filters). Revofy may use such information in accordance with the license granted in the Agreement. This includes the right to use the Opinion or teaser portions (including your identity and photo) throughout the site, on other sites on the web, and offline. If you have registered through a co-branded site, please be aware that Revofy may be required to transfer your Opinions to the co-brand partner for their use and display. Subject to the limitations discussed in the Agreement, you can change an Opinion at any time using the tools available to you on each Opinion page. If you wish to delete an Opinion, you may request on a case-by-case basis. Your request may or may not be granted, depending on the reason of your request. In all cases, Revofy will protect your privacy, as laid down in this policy. However, if the Opinion has been transferred to other sites or parties, your changes may not propagate to these other places.

  2. Comments on Opinions

    Posting comments to other people's Opinions automatically displays your identity. This is true even if you have rated the Opinion anonymously. Revofy may choose to transfer your comments to third parties if Revofy transfers the associated Opinion.

  3. Your Personal Profile Pages

    Revofy allows you to display a large variety of personal information about yourself through the tools that edit your personal profile page. As you can see when you edit your preferences on this page, you have choices about whether to display or hide this information, and you can change this information at any time (although, as discussed elsewhere, it may not be possible to propagate all of these changes instantly or ever). Please note that whatever URL you choose to link to your photo will cause that photo to be displayed in many places throughout the site (not just on the personal profile page).

    Revofy does not transfer your personal profile in total to third parties, but may transfer pieces of your personal profile page in accordance with your instructions, in situations similar to those described under the Registration Information heading above, or as described elsewhere in this Statement.

  4. Your Rating of Others and the Trusted Circle

    One of the most powerful aspects of the site is that it personalizes your experience based on your personal interests using the Trusted Circle. The system assesses your prior experiences on the site (as evidenced by how you've rated other Opinions or trusted/distrusted other members), and then uses these experiences to dynamically sort the database of Opinions for you based on those that are more likely to interest you. To do this, Revofy captures information about your interactions with other users and then processes this information each time you look for Opinions. The more you interact with others, the more personalized your subsequent uses of the site will be.

    In rating and commenting on others' Opinions, your Revofy-ID is displayed. This causes the Opinion author and all other viewers of the Opinion to see your rating. You can choose to hide your identity when rating on an Opinion-by-Opinion basis.

    You can also hide or reveal your identity in trusting and distrusting others across all people you trust. You can change your mind and hide/reveal your identity in trusting and distrusting others by following the instructions on the site. However, you cannot prevent from your Revofy-ID being displayed if another member trusts or distrusts you. Similarly, even if you choose to hide your Trusted and Distrusted Member list, the members who you trust and distrust will know that you trust or distrust them.

    Except as otherwise contemplated in this Statement, Revofy does not transfer the complete database of rating and transactional information to others. However, the database is used throughout all of the sites Revofy operates or may operate in future, whether branded solely by Revofy, co-branded with others, or operated for others on a private-label basis.

  5. Revofy-Points Credit Redemption

    Revofy may ask you for additional information to process a request for Revofy-Points credit redemption. Revofy may choose to add such information to our database record about you, which will be treated the same as other business records. Without limiting the foregoing, Revofy uses your mailing address information to send you redeemed Revofy-Points credits and, in limited circumstances, other communications. Also, Revofy may choose to feature your Member ID in promotional materials (both online and offline) to highlight your earnings successes.

  6. Email Notifications

    In a number of places, Revofy provides the option to receive an email when an activity occurs. For example, you can choose to be emailed if a specific other member writes an Opinion or a comment, or if a new Opinion is written on a certain product. If you choose to be notified when another member writes an Opinion or comment, that other members will be able to see that you've done so.

  7. Integrated Services

    Although Revofy doesn't currently offer any integrated services operated by third parties as part of your registration, Revofy expects to do so in the future. These could include functionality like a Revofy email account. In these circumstances, Revofy may transfer some or all of your registration information and other information to the third party to operate the integrated service if you choose to use these services.

  8. Internal Analyses and Reports

    Revofy uses all of the information in its databases, including personal information you've submitted, and other server and usage logs, to analyze the site and user behavior, troubleshoot technical problems, resolve disputes and address complaints, and prepare aggregated reports that are shared with others, including the management of Revofy.

  9. Other Information

    Specific uses of personal information that vary from this Privacy Statement (if any) may be found throughout the site. To the extent that, during your submission of information on the site, you are notified of privacy practices that are different from those described in this Privacy Statement, those alternative disclosures will govern that submission.

There may be situations where Revofy collects data through a survey or similar process when the page does not link to this Statement. In those cases, unless you are informed otherwise, you should assume that Revofy treats all information from such pages as it treats its other valuable business records.

Of course, there are many other ways in which Revofy could get information from or about you that are not described elsewhere in this Statement. For example, you might send email through a customer service email address, or Revofy may get a complaint about you from a third party. Revofy's practices with respect to such information are pretty much as you'd expect Revofy uses and discloses this information in a commercially reasonable business manner.

  1. Children

    Revofy feels ply about protecting the privacy of children and encourages kids to involve their parents in any interactive activity they participate in online. If you are 12 or younger and we collect your age information through the registration process, you are not eligible to use the site. If you are under 18, Revofy encourages you to use the site with the help of your parents or guardians of legal age, but you are not eligible to participate in the Revofy-Points program.

  2. Contractors and Third Party Service Providers

    Revofy uses contractors to help with its operations. Some or all of these contractors may access the databases of user information. Usually these contractors will enter into an agreement that places restrictive provisions on their use and disclosure of all information they obtain through the relationship.

Revofy may also use third party service providers to help with certain aspects of its operations that may require disclosure of your personal information to them. For example, Revofy may use a third party service provider to mail Revofy-Points redemption rewards, serve ads, or deliver some or all of the emails sent as part of the site's normal operation. Again, usually Revofy will place extensive restrictions on the ability of these third parties to use and disclose your personal information except as necessary to perform the services they are asked to perform.

  1. The "Corporate Family"

    Revofy may share some or all of your information with its subsidiaries or parent company (if any in future), in which case Revofy will ask such entities to honor the promises in this Statement. In addition, as part of a diligence review, Revofy may disclose some or all of your personal information to a potential acquirer or merger partner, although in this case Revofy would try to restrict their use and disclosure of this information.

  2. Government Relations and Lawsuits

    In some cases, the government can compel the disclosure of information about you, and of course Revofy will need to comply. However, irrespective of those situations, Revofy can unilaterally turn over information about you to the government if it believes such disclosure to be appropriate, in which case you authorize it to do so. You also consent to Revofy disclosing information about you to actual or potential parties to a lawsuit that Revofy is or may become involved in (a) if it is required to do so, (b) if it reasonably believes that such disclosures will potentially mitigate its liability, or (c) to enforce its rights.

  3. Collecting Personal Information from the Site

    Many friendships have developed through the site, and Revofy wants the community to be vibrant and engaged. Thus, Revofy is delighted when users begin communicating with each other outside the context of the site. However, not every user wants to engage in these types of dialogue, and Revofy believes each user should have the right to set the boundaries that feel right to them. Thus, you may not collect, use or store any personal information about other users on the site for any purpose whatsoever unless the user invites you to do so. Thus, if a user displays an email address in his or her personal profile, you can assume that the user is willing to receive a single personal email from you that has some relation to the site. However, without that user's permission, you may not contact the user about something that has nothing to do with Revofy, store that user's contact information in a database for further communications, or continue to contact the user if they have requested you not to. In all circumstances, as described in the Agreement, you may not use robots, scripts or other automated procedures to collect any information, including user contact information, from the site. You may also not email users inviting them to join your own review site under any circumstance-doing so is a theft of Revofy's valuable rights and an affront to users. Revofy will protect its users' interests-and its own interests-very vigorously in this regard.

  4. Your Use of Email Tools

    Revofy may provide you with some tools that allow you to send emails to your friends. If you use this tool, the email will include your email address, as well as any personal message you choose to include. Revofy does not store, in any easily-retrievable way, the email addresses of the friends you are communicating with. You may not use these tools to send spam or to send content that would violate the Agreement. Without limiting the foregoing, you may not send "Tell a Friend" invitations to anyone who would not welcome the message or post any invitations to any websites, message boards, mail lists or USENET groups (unless you are the owner of that venue). In any case, you should not assume that emails processed by Revofy are private communications.

  5. Limits on Revofy' Abilities

    A site and service as complicated as Revofy is never perfect, and thus Revofy may inadvertently make uses or disclosures of your information in ways not contemplated by, or in direct contravention of, this Statement. For example, if the software has a temporary glitch, your personal information could be displayed on the site even though you've configured your preferences otherwise. Revofy might also make ad hoc uses of your information in ways it can't contemplate here. Revofy will do its best to work with you if these types of situations arise, but your sole remedy in these cases is to have Revofy try to rectify the problem as soon as it can.

In addition, although highly unlikely, it is possible for Internet transmissions containing your personal information to be intercepted by others. It is impossible for Revofy to ensure the privacy and security of all transmissions made to and from the site while in transit.

Of course, Revofy does not control the privacy practices of its advertisers and other third-party sites that it promotes or links to. If you click through a banner ad or link and submit your information to an advertiser, you will be subject to their privacy policies. Please make sure you understand these policies before submitting your information.